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Commonly referred to as The Cable Billing Experts, OP offers unparalleled experience in CSG, Amdocs and Convergys systems, and has supported Tier 1 and 2 MSOs with installations, conversions, upgrades and training on all of these systems. What's more, we've been hired by all three software vendors themselves to support their consulting operations.

Our true expertise, however, lies in making the most of the information contained in your billing system, regardless of your industry. We help you gain visibility into your billing system by improving processes and streamlining technology. Our billing services include:

  • Data analysis
  • Implementation
  • Conversions
  • Upgrades
  • System integration
  • Reporting
  • Data migration
  • Billing system audits
  • Training

Advanced Tools For Streamlined Conversions

Our extensive experience in billing system conversions has led us to build a better mousetrap. OP offers specialized tools and skills to manage certain aspects of the conversion process in less time and for less money. We have developed a billing system audit methodology that identifies revenue leaks, immediately boosting your bottom line. In addition, our paperless backlog tool eliminates the need for printed exceptions to be manually handled, saving time and reducing the risk of error.

Click here to read about how OP eliminated the need for Comcast Memphis to manage 26,000 hard-copy exceptions by using our Paperless Backlog tool.

 "We use software applications unique to billing and it's hard to find someone knowledgeable who can quickly fill a role when you need support.  We tend to use very few outsourcers, but we continue to use OP.  They're well-liked by the field offices as well as the people they work with in the company.  They understand not only the systems we use, but our business and how we operate."  

-Ron Fishman
VP Billing Operations


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